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 Healthy lifestyle By:chris

6 Reasons for Condom Failure

Though condoms are an effective method of birth control, they are not immune to failure. This video will go over the most common causes of condom failure.

Condoms are used to prevent pregnancy and to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. They are effective so long as the condom does its job properly, but condoms sometimes fail.


Ito ang mga compilation ng mga pinoy na ngjajakol live sa cam, iba nga talaga ang mga pinoy hanip sa jakulan at di lang yan astig din sa kantutan di na atah magpaptalo jan ang mga pinoy hehehehehe.. watch nyo nalng toh guyzzz enjoy watching.....


Ang Hanip ng vids na ito di nakakasawang panourin lalo na  ung bata pa ang kinantut, pero ayun  sa mga viewers ng video na ito ay para silang mgpinsan na nagkakantutan hehehe.. kayo na ang huhusga.. watch nyo nalang guyzzz leave your comment after you watch this video..


Hanip sa chupaan ang dalawang pinoy na ito, kakalibog mukhang nagkakasarapan ang dalawa. may kantutan pang nagaganap watch nyo toh guyzz medjo mahaba ung videos hehhehe hope you like it.. just leave your comment after u watch the video guyzz.. 


Article # 4
By: hornyjam

Sometimes, a guy just needs some alone time to reconnect. Then there are times when we just want to get some satisfaction without having to seduce and take our time pleasing someone else. And so, I introduce to you masturbation techniques.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that you begin masturbating chronically and show your girl the door. Oh no. But every now and then, if you feel the need to stroke it, here are seven masturbation techniques you should try out for a little variety.


healthy lifestyle

Generally, we're not taught how to be fantastic lovers – we learn through experience. At GMFA we get the chance to talk to lots of gay men about their experiences and the things that can make for great sex. We've gathered some of their best advice here, as well as some tips that help keep the sex you have safe. 

We've also taken the time to really learn about how the arse works and how you can increase your pleasure and reduce your pain when you're getting fucked. We can guarantee that the section on your arse will teach you things that they never taught you in sex education at school.


Naraanasan niyo nabang magjakol sa loob ng bus, panuurin niyo toh guyzz kung panu nagawa ni kuya mgjakol sa loob na bus. astig ni kuya hindi talaga hihiniya buo ang loob, lakas ng tama nito..

The Art of Gay Kamasutra (Best Sex Position of kamehasutra) Part 2

Article 3: Part 2
by: hotfucker

The 69 position can also be used as the ultimate form of fellatio.

Consensual Power Fellatio is also a blowjob variation that allows rather deep penetration. It’s very erotic and shows great trust between the lovers, especially since the catcher/uke is at the complete mercy of the pitcher/seme. The pitcher/seme must use great caution and care since the catcher/uke is very vulnerable in this position.

The Art of Gay Kamasutra (Best Sex Position of kamehasutra) Part 1

Article no 3 Part 1
by: hotfucker

The Kamehasutra is a complete and illustrated guide to homosexual Kamasutra. It’s a great way to improve your knowledge on sex positions, your lemon stories, fanart, and sex life. Gohan and Trunks will help you learn all about Saiyajin intercourse.

The positions are divided according to their level of difficulty :



healthy lifestyle
Jump Start Your Fat Loss
Switch up your workout routine and get lean in 42 days!

When you grow up, you don’t jump anymore. As kids, we played basketball and other playground games that had us leaping through the air, but it seems like when our school days are over, our whole idea of exercise changes. Fact is, training can still be fun and playful at any age, and it should be if you want to see results. Learning to jump again is part of it, and we’re offering a six-week fat-loss program that will have you getting air to get lean and strong.


healthy lifestyle

It seems everywhere we look these days there is some sort of promotion or advertisement about good health and lifestyle. Well you may ask yourself what exactly does the phrase refer to? Basically it involves having the right mindset, good healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.. We don’t have to join the gym or become vegetarians, but achieving a healthy lifestyle is simple and it’s entirely our own responsibility. Our bodys are like complex machines, without the right care they breakdown, without the right knowledge they can’t be used to there full potential.

Do You What is HIV / AIDS

ARTICLE NO.1 By. Jhoncarl


AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome and is the final stage of the infection caused by the virus called HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The virus causes severe damage to the immune system.

Top Male Celebrities who have come out as GAY and BISEXUAL

ARTICLE NO 2. By:Yambbram

Truly at this moment there are a lot of celebrities who is not afraid to come out and revealed there personality and they are live their life happy and never hidden facts that they are a gay or bisexual. And some of them fight for their rights as a member of LGBT. These are the some list of the male celebrities who have come out as gay and bisexual.